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ATTIANESE Ug - The packing specialists.
Attianese Ug has been operating in Germany for over 15 years. We are leaders in the distribution of packing solution for the food industry. The company has worked hard to achieve the status it enjoys today. Competitive pricing and high quality has made Attianese a well established company in the market.

For us that is not enough. The goal ahead and into the future is environment. Attianese is investing a lot of resource and time in reinventing the industry. Suppliers are urged to provide the best enviromental conditions in the production of thier products that are later distributed by us. As of 2009 Attianese has dropped suppliers that did not adhere to the highest of enviromental approved techniques in the production of packaging materials. This applies to aluminium, plastic and carton, the three main materials Attianese specialises in.

This is a big word for us. Attianese has always re-designed and modified several products. Pizza boxes that had no ventilation against vapours and steam were not acceptable. We designed our own boxes, stronger through double layer side strengthening, seperate aluminium plates for perfect recycling and hygiene, ventilation cuts and much more. A substantial financial commitment was made in the last five years to reinvent the aluminium containers, strengthening the walls, improving the sealing technique and reduction in storage space, essential for small kitchens.
All of this without the need for sealing machines, saving space, time and money. But it does not stop there, Attianese has rebuild its websites which now incorporate the latest technology to keep track of clients. We offer a login facility for our clients to visit their own account and inform themselves on the latest developements, check on prices and delivery status. This year we released several coloured brochures targeting the various markets. Suppliers who work in the Italian market for example can now go through the product range specified for thier sector saving them time and headaches when taking orders. We place logos of distributors on any material they require , provide photographs and even build websites when required. This is all done in house in the newly setup design studio at Attianese Gmbh. Our people are trained in this industry so our material is more effective and easily available. We hope to improve more on this amazing service to our clients.

OUR WEBSITE - how to use
This website has two general modes - normal viewing and logged in. Only approved clients can login into their account. If you are interested please contact us and we will be happy to set up an account for you. The rest of the site is available for anyone. The menu on the left-hand side will take you to all regions. HOME will always bring you to this page. Here is a description of the available links.
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Thank you for visiting, we hope we can do something for your business success.

Your Attianese Management Team

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